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The infrequency of my finn4studio visits is usually cause for a great deal of stress.  But I was reminded by a wiser, more experienced soul in this business that I should be spending this time working on marketing issues.  She suggested that I begin creating a portfolio to be mailed out to other galleries in Alaska.  I know that I need to get my work into places other than Fairbanks galleries.    Problem is, I don’t have any work to send them.  Nonetheless, getting those things together is probably wise.  Let’s see….  notes to self:

1.  Bio flyer with picture of me (Suzanne should take that one–I’m delegating.  I’ll have to write the bio, and that’s always a bit of a pain)

2. Brochure with photos of best (most Alaskan?) work

3.  Website with work only

4.  Have prints of my work made (?)  This one costs money, so I might have to put that one on hold.  But it sure seems like a no brainer to have some made.  I might not be able to send galleries new work but at least I can send them prints.

The big prelude to all of this is to organize all of the photos of my work and create 2 files, one for large photos and the other for small ones.  Also, a list of titles, dates, dimensions, and materials seems wise as well.  That’s a huge flipping job.  Humongous.   Ginormous.  I’ve been very disorganized…

Also, I should make a list of contests, group shows, and grants that come around yearly and make sure that I’m doing what I can for those venues.  For instance the AlaskaOne poster contest deadline is January 2nd.  I’ve forgotten about it every year due to the proximity of Christmas.  Let’s not have that happen again, hmmmm?

What am I leaving out?

Over the last 3 or 4 days I’ve been ruminating quite a bit on maps, keys, and blueprints.  Unmarked maps, blueprints for unknown objects, maps in foreign languages…  In my World Lit class we’ve talked about the role that maps play in the movies and in literature.  They often function as what Campbell calls “supernatural aid”.  Think about the Goonies and the role of the map the kids find in Mikey’s attic.  Mouth’s language skills are used for good (translating it) rather than for evil (like when he convinces the housekeeper that Mikey’s family engages in sexual torture).  The map is a crucial key to the adventure–without it, there is no adventure.  How many hero adventures rely, at crucial moments, on the availability of blueprints?  The hero has to find a way to navigate the unknown, the tricky territory of the realm of power in which she’s found herself.  In the Matrix, Neo cannot find the Architect (blueprints…) without first finding the Keymaker.  I should make a better list, but suffice it to say that these things have been on my mind.


I’ve got some maps–none of the streets are marked.  A couple of keys and no clue what they’re for.  A very old blueprint but no idea what the damn thing is that I’m building.

Map collage by Shannon Rankin

Map collage by Shannon Rankin

On Friday I followed a rabbit down a hole and now I’m in Wonderland and I just keep feeling smaller.  Where’s the pill that makes me grow taller?