Momentum is important. This is one I started yesterday just to get some momentum back.  It seemed to be working.  We’ll see what happens this afternoon.

I’m thinking of repainting my studio this weekend in an attempt to open it up as a small gallery/studio space.  With no gallery downtown, maybe I can pull in some foot traffic from the tourists.  Of course, I need to find some folks willing to put their work in with mine.  Once I do that I can host my own First Fridays as well.  Along with opening my studio, I’ve been trying to figure out other avenues of sales.  Getting back into the Alaska House gallery may be an option, but I despise splitting my profits 50/50.  Galleries don’t do enough to warrant that.  I could teach classes? Dubious.  Advertise in magazines? Put my stuff up on Etsy?  These things all take time and energy…energy I’d rather be putting into actually painting.

I keep trying.